I joined The Lazy Audience during my final year of university. My friend Coral Castillo started The Lazy Audience in order to give recommendations and reviews of films to help readers find a new film to watch without having to look themselves hence “the lazy audience.” The blog gave me my first taste of writing evergreen content and hosting a podcast. I had so much fun working on this website and I hope to one day return and post more zany articles. Below are all of the articles that I have written, Enjoy!

  1. Filmmaker of the Month: Dave McKean Returns
  2. Crucial Cult Horror Films
  3. The Brood and the Female Monster: 37 Most Terrifying Females in Horror
  4. Sleep-Away Camp Review and How It Changed The Slasher Genre
  5. Tank Girl VS The World A Review
  6. Honey I Blew Up The Hookers: Frankenhooker 1990 Review